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I will deconstruct your manuscript and look at the many parts that create the whole. I will show you and offer advice on how to correct problems. Full analysis of the manuscript will take the following into account:
· Plot
o Structure
o Coherence
o Continuity
o Clarity
o Point of View (POV)
o Plausibility
· Pacing
· Character development
· Setting
· Description
· Dialogue
o Tone
o Voice
§ Do all your characters “sound” the same? Does the illiterate beggar use the vocabulary of a rocket scientist? Unless there is a plausible character trait that allows this, a beggar will have a different voice and word choice than a rocket scientist.
o Word choice
· Conflict/Tension/Suspense
o All stories have conflict/tension/suspense on some level.
· Fact checking
o This is very important. Fact checking not only affects plot, language, and details, but it affects your characters too. It’s not just about textbook facts. Anachronisms and pop culture can be very tricky because the devil is in the details. For example, what is wrong with this picture:
The year is 1960 and your character is drinking a Gatorade and eating Twinkies while sitting on the sofa and watching the NFL on TV.
Need a hint? Glug! Glug!
I do not claim to be an expert in everything, but if I know or suspect an error, I’ll point it out.
· Sentence Structure
o Punctuation
o Spelling
o Grammar
o Word choice