Jimandzetta.com is a registered business in Tarrant County, Texas. Website & content © 2009-2014. All rights reserved

Jimandzetta.com is a registered business in Tarrant County, Texas. Website & content © 2009-2014. All rights reserved
Zetta Brown provides editing services specializing in genre and literary fiction. Nonfiction, technical, and academic writing will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

From developmental editing to proofreading, Zetta has been editing since 1996 and has experience working with both established authors and those seeking to publish for the first time.

Professional editing does more than correct errors but helps present your manuscript in a “best condition” state, which is appreciated by agents, editors, and publishers. By having your manuscript professionally edited prior to submission, your work will stand out from the rest because it should require less work in general to make it ready for publication. Sometimes the difference between getting accepted or rejected comes down to how much editing is needed to make it publication worthy.

Follow her editing blog “Zetta’s Desk” (www.zettasdesk.com) and her feature blog  [REALITY CHECK] at SheWrites.com (http://bit.ly/1nuZrd5)

A sample edit of up to twenty-five (25) consecutive pages is available.

Some authors believe plot is more important than character development, and they can write perfectly entertaining, plot-driven stories that sell. Many authors have achieved success this way.

However, I believe stories should be character driven. If it wasn’t for a character behaving a certain way in a certain situation, there would be no story. As your editor, I will point out places and areas where more character development can help progress the plot.

For example: A man and a woman are stranded in an elevator. So what? What makes the story unique? Maybe one is a cannibal? Or maybe they discover they are siblings after having spent their lives apart in foster care. OK...so what? This is where having a fully developed character comes into play because their behaviour  (their characteristics) will help determine what happens next.

I also believe in honest, constructive criticism, not destructive criticism.  

Complete manuscripts only. No works in progress (WIPs)

All edits are done electronically. I cannot work with hard copy manuscripts, nor will we print/mail edited manuscripts.

Manuscripts should be formatted as follows.
1. Please use double, curly quotes and curly apostrophes “ ”  ‘ ’.  It looks more professional than straight quotes and apostrophes.
2. Punctuation marks are to go inside the end quotes.  “The Yankee Way.”
3. Chapters must start on a new page after a page break.
4. DO NOT hit “RETURN” until a new page begins.
5. Scene breaks should be denoted with a double blank line or several asterisks * double spaced before and after.

Page Layout Requirements
1. 1” (2.54 cm) margins all around
2. .5”  (1.27 cm) paragraph indents. Please do not use tabbed indents
3. Times New Roman or Georgia 12pt font
4. 1.5 or double line spacing

Any assignment or service contracted through JimandZetta.com will not be considered for publication by LL-Publications or any of their associated imprints. In addition, I cannot and do not guarantee consideration, acceptance, or publication with any publisher. Full disclosure of any potential conflicts will be made before accepting an assignment.

JimandZetta.com make no guarantees or warranties and specifically disclaim any implied guarantee or warranty with regard to any service offered. JimandZetta.com nor their employees or contractors shall be liable for any loss of profit or any other commercial damages, including but not limited to special, incidental, consequential, or other damages.

So what does this mean in plain English? Basically, you, as the author, are responsible for any legal issues/damages that arise from the publication of your work.