Jimandzetta.com is a registered business in Tarrant County, Texas. Website & content © 2009-2014. All rights reserved

Jimandzetta.com is a registered business in Tarrant County, Texas. Website & content © 2009-2014. All rights reserved

Why should I pay for editing? When the publisher accepts my manuscript, their editor will do all that.

Contrary to popular belief, most house editors do not have the time to edit a manuscript to this extent prior to publication. In fact, if your manuscript is in a very rough condition, chances are very high that it will be rejected. It is the manuscript that needs the least amount of editorial work from the start that makes it attractive to the editor/agent/publisher.


If I pay you, am I guaranteed to find a publisher and get published?

No. Not unless you intend to self publish. I cannot guarantee that your manuscript will be accepted by an agent or publisher because there are many factors involved when it comes to accepting or rejecting a manuscript.


Nor can I guarantee you that your manuscript won’t face additional editing after acceptance. Every publishing house has its own particular style (e.g.  style sheet) and preferences they choose to follow. My goal is to help you put your best work forward so that the acquiring editor is more likely to accept your work.



Why should I bother with all the grammar and punctuation rules? I just want to write stories. That is why I’m paying you to be my editor. That is your job.

My “job” as editor is to edit, not to teach you how to write. That is the job for a writing instructor. However, the more you work with an editor, chances are that you will learn more about your writing and writing in general.


The editing process is not a substitute for learning the craft of writing. Editing is very time-consuming. What I will do is help you polish the rough edges of your work.


If you are seeking publication, take the time and effort to learn the craft of writing. If your aim is to can crank out a novel to make a quick buck, my service is not for you. I will only work with people who are serious about their writing whose goal is to get published in order to communicate their words with others.


If you just want to write and not worry about editing, I suggest you hire a ghostwriter or book doctor who will do the hard work for you. We have contacts who may be able to help you.


What types of manuscripts will you work with?

Short stories, novellas, and novels. I will only work with complete manuscripts. No WIPS (works in progress). Novels over 100k words will be considered on a case-by-case basis. I prefer to work on genres/subgenres that I tend to read the most. These include (in no particular order):

· Mystery/Suspense

· Thriller

· Erotica

· Erotic Romance

· Romance – if it’s not syrupy-sweet or contrived

· Historical - depending on the era and subject matter

· Literary fiction – not to be confused with “experimental literary fiction.”* Writing a novel completely in lower-case and without punctuation does not make it “literary.”  I believe there is a difference between writing style...and writing bull. If I cannot follow your writing, let alone your “style,” I cannot help you.


I prefer not to edit and therefore do not plan to accept:

· inspirational/spiritual/religious writing

· politically-charged writing

· Children/YA

· Poetry

· Experimental literary fiction* (see above)


However, I can refer you to someone who will edit these genres.


I am also a reviewer for New York Journal of Books. You can see what books I have read and reviewed for them.



If you are not sure what genre your story falls under (and it can qualify for more than one) there is no harm asking me if I would be interested.


Why do you have to approve your manuscripts? Why can’t I just send it in for you to edit?

I will be spending a good deal of time over your manuscript. Chances are that I will be reading your manuscript more than once. It is only fair that I should enjoy what I am reading.


Not only that, but different genres have different conventions in style, and you are best served by an editor who is familiar with those conventions.


Also, I reserve the right to refuse a manuscript if it is so poorly written and constructed that I cannot read it or follow the plot. Many people believe that just because they have finished writing a manuscript that it is ready for publication.


By the time you approach me (or any editor) to professionally edit your manuscript, you should self-edit as much as you can before seeking additional help. Do not seek help after your first draft but only after you are satisfied that you have polished your manuscript to the best of your ability.


What do I get with your service?

My services and rates can be customized to suit your needs, but generally speaking in addition to your chosen service you will get:

· a detailed report and notes covering the points mentioned above as applicable

· up to three (3) additional passes (read-throughs) after you incorporate the edits into your manuscript*


Or you can opt for the proofreading-only service.

*3-4 passes (on average) is usually what it takes to get the manuscript ready for proofreading.



What are your rates?

Rates depend on the service chosen or I can tailor the service to suit your needs. Rates are calculated based on word count, not page count. The following examples are estimates. The time it takes to edit a manuscript depends on the adeptness of the writing presented.  

A. developmental editing from $30 per 1000 words*

B. copy/line editing from $45 per 1000 words*

C. synopsis editing or drafting $75 (with either A and/or B above)

D. promotional blurbs from $50 (with either A and/or B above)

E. proofreading: $6/1000 words*

F. manuscript evaluation:  

a. $25 (under 5k words)

b. $50 (5,001-10k words)

c. $100 (10,001-20k words)

d. $150 (20,001-40k words)

e. $200 (40,001-80k words)

f. Over 80k words, email for a quote


For manuscripts over 100k words, please query for pricing.

* or any part thereof


Aren’t your rates a bit steep?

If you think my rates are too steep, then please do shop around. I think you will find my rates are very competitive considering my education and years of experience. Paying too little for professional editing can be just as bad as paying too much if the final result is inadequate.


People who engage in my service are looking for more than a casual read and a simple “I like it” response. You can get praise for free. People who choose my service want honest critique from someone who wants to help polish their manuscript by giving them detailed analysis and professional advice.


Do you provide a sample edit?

I can provide a sample edit of up to twenty-five consecutive pages or one chapter, whichever is less, if they are formatted as explained above for $50.


The pages can come from anywhere in the manuscript and should be an honest reflection of the condition of the rest of the manuscript. There is no point sending in a sample that is error free.


I am interested in acquiring your services. What should I do?

Send me an email at zetta(at)jimandzetta.com with EDITING QUERY in the subject line. In your email, tell me the following about your manuscript:

· Is it genre or literary fiction and what subgenre

· Final word count (at time of submission)

· Do you have a synopsis or chapter outline?

· Do you need help editing/writing a synopsis?

List your primary concerns with regard to your manuscript. What do you need help with improving?