Jimandzetta.com is the husband and wife team of Jim and Zetta Brown. Established in 2008, their enterprise coincided with the huge increase in popularity of ebooks and the subsequent changes in the publishing industry. Jim and Zetta keep ahead of the rapid changes as digital publishing of both print and ebooks becomes a bigger and bigger share of the industry as a whole.

Jimandzetta.com is the sole conversion service for a number of established publishers, and provide the  same publishing services and quality standard for numerous self-published authors. In the beginning, Jim was instrumental in helping Bookbaby.com get their highly successful aggregator services established.

In 2017, Jim and Zetta co-founded the DFW Self-Publishing Group to help writers in their area to survive in the competitive world of self publishing.

Jim Brown is a former middle-management professional. He started Jimandzetta.com in 2008, spotting an opportunity for a new type of publishing service provider at a time when the publishing industry began to change. His background is in customer service and service training. Jim is a technical wizard and oversees the technical and practical sides of print and ebook production. He specializes in typesetting/layout, ebook conversion, and cover design.

Contact Jim by email at jim(at)jimandzetta.com

Zetta Brown is a professional editor with a B.A. in English from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas. She was also a winner of the National Society of Arts & Letters Award (San Antonio Region) for Short Fiction. As well as editing and proofreading, she is skilled in ebook conversion techniques, author marketing, and office administration.

Contact Zetta by email at zetta(at)jimandzetta.com